Friday, 26 September 2014

Seven week itch?

Hi know I should be a little improved this week. After all:
  •  I have had my operation and all has gone well and everything is healing nicely - bit difficult to show a picture and retain my dignity I think, so take it from me!
  • I have started to travel short trips in the car every day to get me used to going out and about, ready for a holiday.  Slow progress, but it's there.
  • I have started to take up the offer of sleeping downstairs in my basket at night, instead of being uncomfortably right outside mum and dad's bedroom door.
This all sounds like I am settling well, don't you think?

So why oh why did I feel the need to rip carpet off the stairs twice this week then? - asks mum!!

I keep hearing the word 'stair-gate'. Anyone know what that means?

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