Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week 4 in the Monty Dog House!

Hi all,
It's been a different week as dad has been away working and me and mum have had to keep each other company.
I have tried to be good - see picture of me looking perfect (just for a moment), waiting for mum to come out of the study and go downstairs to make some brunch!

Mum and dad are pleased to see that I have started to use my bed in the hall.  They came back from an evening at the curry house without me and I hadn't chewed anything they could see (hee hee) and had been snoozing in my bed - it was still warm.

I am not allowed soft cushions and cute bedding at the moment because I either try to eat it or do other unmentionables to it.
Mum says when I grow up a bit and calm down, I can have lots of cosy cushions and fleecy blankets. For now I have carpet - which is fine.

Oh, and the Next catalogue arrived mid week too.  Not much in it really.

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  1. I had not popped in to check on the Rudi blog for quite a few months and then last night I had a look for some reason. Very odd! What a brilliant surprise, an extremely handsome Black Labrador has found his way to your home. I must say Monty looks like a very cheeky chap. I had a black Lab years ago and I remember his gardening "help", that Clematis never did flower again. I look forward to seeing what he gets up to over the years. He has a big honest boy face, and he looks very happy. Give him a hug from his cyber Auntie Sandy