Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday papers

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting with the Sunday papers.


Veg garden

Mum likes picking things out of the garden and cooking them.  However she doesn't seem to appreciate it when I pick things too.
I like picking flowers, sticks, plants, stones, cabbage plants and well....whatever is handy and sticking out as I run past!

Mum prefers to pick beans, marrow, courgette and tomatoes. I don't think they are as much fun as crunchy sticks though!

My walking buddy

I must be a lucky dog. Even though my mum and dad go out to work in the day, I get a half hour walk at lunchtime with a lovely lady called Jess.
It means that I have chance to have a leg stretch and a bit of company in the middle of the day.  I really look forward to seeing her and going out for my walk.
This week Fizz came with her and we were introduced.  I think we got on really well and hope we will become good pals.

I saw Fizz and Jess at dog class this Thursday too!
Yes readers, the summer is over and school has started - for me anyway.  I have a lot to learn and I am starting with the basics at puppy class!

Our third week together

Hello all,
Bit of a mixed week weather wise, but still enjoying all the local walking and getting to know the area I now live in.  Will have to show you a few pics of my walks soon (once mum can manage a camera and me on the lead at the same time!).

Meanwhile. as you can see I have been enjoying snoozing on my vet bed pieces - once arranged cleverly into the shape of a bed - like it was before I ran round the house ripping it up!

I hope the previous dog Rudi will forgive me!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rainy bank Holiday Monday

What a nice relaxing day we are having.
After a great rainy walk, where we all got soaked, I had my breakfast in the back of the car, (something to do with getting me used to being happy there I think! I enjoyed my breakfast anyway!).
We have then spent the late morning and early afternoon on separate pursuits. Mum has been helping me with blogging, dad on his computer in the dining room working, and me?

I have mostly been snoozing at the top of the stairs, keeping an eye on them both. I think they might suppose I am settling in well and that no further naughtiness will follow.

Hee, hee - wait till my batteries are recharged!

Two weeks in...

I have been living in Birmingham for 2 weeks now and starting to settle in well.
The first week was brilliant as mum and dad were on holiday with me. The second week was getting used to being at home for a while on my own, with a lovely lady coming to walk me at lunch time.
Mum and dad leave me treats and a toy in the morning and Jess my dog walker leaves me some more at lunch time.

I do like this toy very much at the moment. It did have a ball attached once..... not for long!  Don't worry, all bits spat out!
On the first 2 days I did get a bit overexcited and nibble a few books.... and the bookcase (oops!).
However, mum and dad think I have calmed down a bit now and got into a routine; though they have emptied the downstairs bookcase and sprayed it with something that smells and tastes horrible - just to remind me not to chew it! Will stick to my toys for a bit I think.

Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Montgomery Harvey - otherwise known as Monty Dog.

I was born in Manchester in June 2013 and lived in Derby with a lovely family: mum and dad and four children. There was also another dog in our family, and she was the boss.

Two weeks ago on 10th August, I agreed to move to Birmingham to be part of a new family, with a new mum and dad, to be the only dog in the house and the centre of attention.

I thought it was a good move as my old family had a very busy life and were moving house. I wish them all the very best with their lives and now look forward to my new adventures with a very waggy tail.
My new mum and dad have had several dogs before me and seem to already know what I like and what I need.  There is plenty of food and treats, lots of fuss, big walks and fun toys to play with too.
The garden is fantastic! I already love running up and down, chasing toys, sticks and anything that moves! I like digging, weeding and chasing birds and squirrels too.

I hope you will visit my blog regularly to see how I am getting on.