Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Winter Weather

Welcome to Autumn!

Its very wet these days. I seem to have to be rubbed down several times a day, every day, at the moment. 

I have a selection of towels that hang in the side entry ready to catch me as I return from my walk.  Front paw, other paw, back paw, other back paw, knees, tummy, chin, head..... it takes ages!

I don't mind really, but it does delay my breakfast in the morning. See cute picture below of me waiting for breakfast, like the best dog in the world.

This weekend it took half a dozen towels to dry me after a particularly wet afternoon walk.  Dad brought them into the kitchen to put in the washer and dropped them in a 'comfy heap' on the floor.
 ....I was so tired after a big walk around Cannon Hill, Moseley and Kings Heath, it was too good an opportunity to miss for a quick snooze!
Hee, hee!
Have a good week everyone! xx

What a good boy!

I think the reason for my lack of blogging over the last two weeks is due to everyone holding their breath, waiting for me to be naughty.

"Hello, my name is Monty. It is 14 days since my last kitchen chewing episode".

I got a new toy to celebrate!
So.... what shall I fall off the wagon for?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Into month 4 of my new life in Brum

Hello, hello!
All is well here, apart from the chewing of windowsills, skirting and the odd doorbell.  Oh and a plug off the hand held hoover - oops!

I have also started being more assertive around the house, but have a feeling that I wont get my way for too long as I am now regularly attending puppy training classes, (oh the shame to still be down in the little ones class), to gradually teach me how to behave a little better.

I am trying to show mum and dad how bright I am so that I can move up a grade. For example: last week they were sitting having tea in the kitchen and I wanted more comfort than the kitchen tiled floor.
So, off I toddled to my basket in the hall, pulled the blanket off and dragged it into the kitchen and lay on it, right next to the kitchen table.  Much more comfy!
I now seem to have a few more toys appearing too, which is nice.  I think the idea is that the more I have to play with, the less time I have to chew the house!
 Don't tell them, but I can fit in any amount of chewing around playing with my toys!  It's a nice idea though!
I say, I am quite a handsome chap don't you think? How could anyone be cross with me for long?