Friday, 26 September 2014

Seven week itch?

Hi know I should be a little improved this week. After all:
  •  I have had my operation and all has gone well and everything is healing nicely - bit difficult to show a picture and retain my dignity I think, so take it from me!
  • I have started to travel short trips in the car every day to get me used to going out and about, ready for a holiday.  Slow progress, but it's there.
  • I have started to take up the offer of sleeping downstairs in my basket at night, instead of being uncomfortably right outside mum and dad's bedroom door.
This all sounds like I am settling well, don't you think?

So why oh why did I feel the need to rip carpet off the stairs twice this week then? - asks mum!!

I keep hearing the word 'stair-gate'. Anyone know what that means?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Not the best of weeks

It's been a tough week all round really. For me, mum and dad and the stairs.

I've had to wear my lampshade all the way through till this Friday, except when there was someone around to watch I didn't nibble bits I shouldn't.  However, it's amazing what else you can still nibble with the lampshade on!

The lack of exercise imposed by the vet - no more than a few minutes, no running, no fun - has really been the hardest part.  I really haven't been able to settle and have been on the look out to find something to do to relieve the pent up energy I have.

Got to say that chewing the stairs was a big mistake. Clearly shown on mums face Wednesday, when she got home from work. Especially as she thought I had been good and had already rewarded me downstairs....... only finding the evidence later when she went upstairs to get changed to take me out.
Lampshade off finally and back to bigger walks, I feel much more my self again.  After this mornings walk I had to stop for a snooze half way down the stairs!
I am sure I will be ready for more naughtiness in a little while.... zzzzzz.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

New balls please!

This week started off like any other.  Mum and dad going to work Monday and Tuesday and Jess my dog walker coming in each day to take me for my walk.  Then it all changed on Wednesday morning when I wasn't allowed any breakfast. Imagine my disappointment!
Mum went to work and left dad to take me to the vets, where I spent an interesting day that I can't really remember properly.  I think I went to sleep for quite a bit of the day, but everyone was lovely anyway.
When mum and dad came to collect me to go home my legs were wobbly and I felt quite strange.  Mum sat in the back of the car with me to make sure I didn't fall over. I couldn't even lie down straight - really odd.  This is me, just making it through the front door with a strange thing around my neck.  I didn't move from here for a couple of hours as I just wanted to snooze.

Later on we moved to the lounge and dad slept down stairs with me.  Mum went to bed as she had to go to work.

I must say I quickly got used to my 'lampshade' as mum and dad call it. It's a bit tricky getting around the house though, as I keep bashing into things.  Dad has stayed home the rest of this week to help me get about.  Have I got bigger, or is the house shrinking?

I was allowed back upstairs last night.  Weirdly, my friend Wardrobe-Dog, (he lives in one of the upstairs rooms, behind the mirror - must tell you more about him later), seems to have had a similar thing happen to him.

He looks a bit silly in that cone head outfit, but I don't want to offend him, so I sniffed my usual greeting this morning and lay down to wait for mum and dad to be ready to go out.  I have been out for a little walk today - the first in 3 days. It was lovely.

I have noticed that something feels a bit different about me. I have two sore patches and I am bruised and a bit swollen.  Mum says my lampshade can come off in a couple of days so I shall have to wait till then to investigate properly.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week 4 in the Monty Dog House!

Hi all,
It's been a different week as dad has been away working and me and mum have had to keep each other company.
I have tried to be good - see picture of me looking perfect (just for a moment), waiting for mum to come out of the study and go downstairs to make some brunch!

Mum and dad are pleased to see that I have started to use my bed in the hall.  They came back from an evening at the curry house without me and I hadn't chewed anything they could see (hee hee) and had been snoozing in my bed - it was still warm.

I am not allowed soft cushions and cute bedding at the moment because I either try to eat it or do other unmentionables to it.
Mum says when I grow up a bit and calm down, I can have lots of cosy cushions and fleecy blankets. For now I have carpet - which is fine.

Oh, and the Next catalogue arrived mid week too.  Not much in it really.