Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer quarter...

Hello everyone. Just checking in to let you know how my summer is going.  In April we did go up to Scotland to see the people with the Doberman dogs, Mia and Duke. I got on mostly fine, but I did get told off a few times for being a bit cheeky and trying to boss Duke and be over friendly with Mia. Mum says I need to learn my place.... they live there and I was the visiting pup!

May was a busy time in the garden and I helped where I could. Yes the fence did arrive and I can not get into the veg plots any more! Here I am sitting on the other side of the fence to the plants!

June, equally busy in the garden and at the end of the month we had a trip to Drewsteignton, Devon and I got to stay in a bunkhouse and go in a pub. We were with mum and dads friends so 10 humans and one dog.... which equals lots of fuss for me of course.  That was a lovely weekend. Note how I was carefully carried over stiles, even when muddy!

July has been different as mum has stopped working for a while, so I have much more company, which is lovely.  We have started visiting mums parents in Cornwall a lot more regularly too; which means more beach runs. There are more trips in the car too, which I don't mind. The below picture is me after a big run on Gwithian beach.
With mum home a bit more, we also had her best friend and godson around for lunch one sunny day. They have a lovely doggie called Pip. I fell in love... We had a lovely walk together along and in the River Rea.
August means holiday time! We went back up to Scotland again with mum and dad's friends Jackie and Brian, to see Nicky and Tony and my friends Mia and Duke.  And yes, I did get told off a few times again for being a cheeky pup!  Here I am at the bbq tea one evening. I didn't get anything, but it was fun being closer to the food cooking.
After the first week, we said goodbye to our friends and the five of us: Jackie, Brian, me, mum and dad, went further north to Portgower on the NE coast of the Highlands of Scotland.  Basically I had a fantastic time. below is a selection of photos showing things I got up to:
 Surfing on the beach at Brora.
 Playing in the waves, again at Brora.
 Grrr, this stick is stuck!
 looking out to sea at the 'sea dogs' (seals).
 Bringing a stick back from the river.
A stick as big as the path, woodlands further inland.
I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me. 
Little extra info - but no picture you'll be pleased to know - mum found a Tick in my coat last night and dad had to pull it out! Yuk!
Who knows what adventures will happen in the next 3-4 months.  see you soon, lots of love x.

Friday, 3 April 2015

I'm still here and Happy Easter!

Crumbs chaps, I can't believe I haven't blogged since New Year!
All I can say is that the new fangled I-Pad thing means that mum and dad still take lots of photos of me and instead of blogging they upload to Face Book and forget to send over to the laptop for my blog.  So here is a bit of a catch up:
January was cold and wet and I spent a lot of time either covered in mud or snoozing by the fire.
In February dad built a new greenhouse. I was interested and kept an eye on things. Then one day I decided to try and get to dad (who was round the back), by jumping through the door, which was closed and glazed. Then in a panic, I jumped back through the side window. This was also covered in glass.  Mum and dad were shocked and rushed to see if I was ok. I was a bit shaken, but luckily I only had a slight nick on my toe. Apparently I was a bit like a film star dog doing a super stunt!
Here I am just after - reassuring mum and dad that I'm ok.  I have learned about the greenhouse now.
In late February we went on holiday to a cottage right by the seaside. It was cold, rainy and wet. We had lots of fantastic walks and snoozy afternoons too.
Sorry, seaside pics were not possible as too rainy, but here I am relaxing in the evenings.
In March we have been getting the garden started, ready for planting things.  I hear that I might not be able to walk over the beds soon as things will be growing. Hmmmm, there is talk of a fence......

They look nice and tidy at the moment don't they? Hee, hee.
Actually, I had lots of fun helping with the cutting back. I like to think I was useful?
So, now we are back up to speed with things, I'm off to Scotland tomorrow to meet Mia and Dux - two Doberman Dogs.  Lets hope we have some fun.  See you soon x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone, hope you had a smashing time. We did. Quite tiring at times and the visiting children were so noisy, I just stood and watched in amazement.  But they calmed down eventually. AND I WAS GOOD!

Which is more than can be said one week into the New Year...... Oops. I have slipped off the wagon somewhat. The new stair carpet of 9 days...... yes you've guessed it...... I ripped it.

Oh, I was in soooo much trouble. It's not as bad as before, but still not good. The ragged bit of underlay is bothering me a bit as well. I feel I should finish tidying up, but mum has made it quite clear I should 'leave it!'

Apart from this, 2015 has been fine so far: helping mum and dad building a greenhouse, doing a bit of recycling and garden clearing here and there (not always appreciated). I think cardboard is easier to store in smaller pieces, don't you?
After a busy lunchtime running around the garden with various tools, bags and pots (hee hee); this afternoon I have been relaxing on my kitchen day-bed, sorting through my toy box.  Mum says I have too many toys. I don't agree! What do you think?


Saturday, 27 December 2014

December..... and Christmas comes!

Hi everyone,
After the November visitors, we seem suddenly to be preparing for another event.  This picture will give you a clue!

Dad wasn't prepared to risk a tree in the house this year. He thought I might pull it over. Mum was determined to have tree in the house though, (which I heartily agree with - I quite fancy chewing sticks in the comfort of my lounge!).  But we have a wall tree instead. Not quite what I had hoped for.

Next, my secret work with my dog walker Jess was revealed. The picture she took of me ages ago in a silly red hat suddenly appeared in a card that both mum and dad were thrilled with.

I do look quite handsome don't you think?

The next change from my routine was mum being at home in the daytime on Wednesday.  She was packing up lots of food, presents and my bedding, ready to put into the car when dad came home. Then off we went up to family in Sheffield.

Christmas morning was very exciting. Firstly I had been allowed to sleep in the same bedroom as mum (too many temptations available to me in the night!). Then off we went for a smashing woodland walk in the mud and wet. Fantastic! 
 In the stream!
I had a smashing time!
Even more to tell you..... after we got back and I had eaten my breakfast, we had lots of presents and paper to play with!
 I had a rope toy, a penguin on a rope, a ball on a string....
 .... and lots and lots of paper to shred!
 Me and penguin - just before I pulled his flippers off!
I really did have a great time.  So much so, I needed a snooze afterwards!

The next day we came home, just in time for it to snow in our garden! Its weird stuff: white, wet and cold on your feet and I wasn't keen at first.  No picture I'm afraid as it was dark when the snow came and had mostly gone by morning.

Instead, here's a picture of me snoozing and relaxing in the kitchen after my Boxing Day evening run around. Phew, I was wet and muddy when I got back - it took ages to dry me off!
Back to normal for a couple of days now. Then apparently we have another house full of people and food to look forward to for the New Year. I'd better get some rest while I can!


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lovely weekend

Hello everyone!
I have had such a wonderful weekend!
Friday 3 people came to stay - I was good.
Saturday 2 more people came to stay an one slept down stairs. - I was very good.
Sunday 13 people including little people came to breakfast!

....and I made some lovely friends!

This is Lottie. She followed me round a lot with toys to give me to play with.  I was cleaning the baked beans off her face here. We are going to be proper pals.
Mum and dad are so pleased with me - even though I did try and steal the same piece of toast 3 times!!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Winter Weather

Welcome to Autumn!

Its very wet these days. I seem to have to be rubbed down several times a day, every day, at the moment. 

I have a selection of towels that hang in the side entry ready to catch me as I return from my walk.  Front paw, other paw, back paw, other back paw, knees, tummy, chin, head..... it takes ages!

I don't mind really, but it does delay my breakfast in the morning. See cute picture below of me waiting for breakfast, like the best dog in the world.

This weekend it took half a dozen towels to dry me after a particularly wet afternoon walk.  Dad brought them into the kitchen to put in the washer and dropped them in a 'comfy heap' on the floor.
 ....I was so tired after a big walk around Cannon Hill, Moseley and Kings Heath, it was too good an opportunity to miss for a quick snooze!
Hee, hee!
Have a good week everyone! xx

What a good boy!

I think the reason for my lack of blogging over the last two weeks is due to everyone holding their breath, waiting for me to be naughty.

"Hello, my name is Monty. It is 14 days since my last kitchen chewing episode".

I got a new toy to celebrate!
So.... what shall I fall off the wagon for?