Saturday, 27 December 2014

December..... and Christmas comes!

Hi everyone,
After the November visitors, we seem suddenly to be preparing for another event.  This picture will give you a clue!

Dad wasn't prepared to risk a tree in the house this year. He thought I might pull it over. Mum was determined to have tree in the house though, (which I heartily agree with - I quite fancy chewing sticks in the comfort of my lounge!).  But we have a wall tree instead. Not quite what I had hoped for.

Next, my secret work with my dog walker Jess was revealed. The picture she took of me ages ago in a silly red hat suddenly appeared in a card that both mum and dad were thrilled with.

I do look quite handsome don't you think?

The next change from my routine was mum being at home in the daytime on Wednesday.  She was packing up lots of food, presents and my bedding, ready to put into the car when dad came home. Then off we went up to family in Sheffield.

Christmas morning was very exciting. Firstly I had been allowed to sleep in the same bedroom as mum (too many temptations available to me in the night!). Then off we went for a smashing woodland walk in the mud and wet. Fantastic! 
 In the stream!
I had a smashing time!
Even more to tell you..... after we got back and I had eaten my breakfast, we had lots of presents and paper to play with!
 I had a rope toy, a penguin on a rope, a ball on a string....
 .... and lots and lots of paper to shred!
 Me and penguin - just before I pulled his flippers off!
I really did have a great time.  So much so, I needed a snooze afterwards!

The next day we came home, just in time for it to snow in our garden! Its weird stuff: white, wet and cold on your feet and I wasn't keen at first.  No picture I'm afraid as it was dark when the snow came and had mostly gone by morning.

Instead, here's a picture of me snoozing and relaxing in the kitchen after my Boxing Day evening run around. Phew, I was wet and muddy when I got back - it took ages to dry me off!
Back to normal for a couple of days now. Then apparently we have another house full of people and food to look forward to for the New Year. I'd better get some rest while I can!


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lovely weekend

Hello everyone!
I have had such a wonderful weekend!
Friday 3 people came to stay - I was good.
Saturday 2 more people came to stay an one slept down stairs. - I was very good.
Sunday 13 people including little people came to breakfast!

....and I made some lovely friends!

This is Lottie. She followed me round a lot with toys to give me to play with.  I was cleaning the baked beans off her face here. We are going to be proper pals.
Mum and dad are so pleased with me - even though I did try and steal the same piece of toast 3 times!!!