Sunday, 19 October 2014

My First Holiday!

Hello everyone,
Sorry about the lack of blog last weekend - I was busy travelling down to St Teath, North Cornwall where we stayed in a holiday cottage in a very quiet village for a week.
We had so much fun and on the whole mum and dad agree I was pretty good! Just a bit of car chewing and apparently it's not polite to chase every dog I see and ask them to play!
Here's what we got up to:
Saturday afternoon - once unpacked we went to the local coast and walked for an hour, had a drink in the pub and came home. I got lots of fuss off the nice bar lady.
Sunday - a beautiful day when we walked in and around Padstow.

Notice I was allowed off the lead. I had a brilliant time chasing sand, water, sticks, balls and other dogs!
Monday was a very rainy day and we got very wet walking in some big woods. It was great as I was off the lead a lot of the time. No pictures as it really was wet.  I still loved it.
Tuesday was another lovely day and we walked along coast cliffs into Newquay.  Mum forgot my water bowl and had to make me one out of a bread bag - quite nice! I ran round with some great dogs on the beach. Bit miffed when I wasn't allowed an ice-cream though. Apparently they are not for dogs. Hmmm.
Wednesday - A rainy morning but lovely afternoon. We walked through woods and farmland and I met cows and sheep. Well, I didn't meet them exactly, as I was kept on the lead. Also had to learn to negotiate 'stiles'. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and I had to be lifted over quite a few.
On the evening we had visitors to the cottage as mum's family came to stay one night. They were nice and made a fuss of me.
Thursday - sunny again and a walk to Rock beach with the visitors. I met a great dog and we ran around for ages until we were both out of puff!

After a café lunch (where I had to sit under the table and be still - very hard, but I was ok), we then went another walk around a big hole called a quarry. Lots of rabbit sniffs here.
Friday - back on the beach! We went to Widemouth Bay and walked beach and coast paths.
By early afternoon I was getting tired (we had been walking several hours every day and when I was off the lead I probably ran lots more miles than mum and dad walked), so we walked back a little earlier than planned.
Just as well we went back early, as we then had a cosy late afternoon and evening at the cottage while big wind and rain raged outside.  I was glad to be snoozing on my fleecy blanket snug and dry.
On the last morning all the stuff got put back into the car - including me in the back with my bed and we set off for home.  We did stop off on the way for a last run round the beach and to take a couple of holiday snaps to remember our nice week by:


Saturday, 4 October 2014


Hi All,
I was right to be concerned about this stair-gate thing.  It appeared about 2hrs after my blog last weekend.  I am now unable to access upstairs unless invited.

I am allowed upstairs in the morning whilst mum and dad are getting up, washed and dressed.  Then I am banished to the ground floor only once they go out.  As you can see, the bottom stair still tells a story (oops!).
We did have some fun last Sunday afternoon mind.  Dad decided to cut back some bushes to get the space ready for another green house (yummy - more tomatoes!)  I had great fun running round with the branches!

This weekend we were meant to go on an organised 'social dog walk' but the weather rained it off sadly.  Instead, this afternoon we went on a hobbit hunt to the Three Shires Park. It was a great walk and very sociable. We met lots of dogs having fun, (no pics as mum forgot the camera!).

Just got home and I am still full of beans, running round with my toys.

I think mum and dad thought I might snooze, but I am still a pup and you know what us puppy-dogs say, (stolen by a few song writers)... "No sleep till bedtime!" Hee, hee!