Saturday, 20 September 2014

Not the best of weeks

It's been a tough week all round really. For me, mum and dad and the stairs.

I've had to wear my lampshade all the way through till this Friday, except when there was someone around to watch I didn't nibble bits I shouldn't.  However, it's amazing what else you can still nibble with the lampshade on!

The lack of exercise imposed by the vet - no more than a few minutes, no running, no fun - has really been the hardest part.  I really haven't been able to settle and have been on the look out to find something to do to relieve the pent up energy I have.

Got to say that chewing the stairs was a big mistake. Clearly shown on mums face Wednesday, when she got home from work. Especially as she thought I had been good and had already rewarded me downstairs....... only finding the evidence later when she went upstairs to get changed to take me out.
Lampshade off finally and back to bigger walks, I feel much more my self again.  After this mornings walk I had to stop for a snooze half way down the stairs!
I am sure I will be ready for more naughtiness in a little while.... zzzzzz.


  1. Hello there Monty. How come you do not get splinters in your tongue? Looks like you may be going for a ride to the DIY shop.

    1. No splinters, but it have had an upset tum this week..... Maybe I will be a bit better about not eating it!?

  2. Good to get the lampshade off! Can identify with the need for a snooze after a long walk.