Friday, 3 April 2015

I'm still here and Happy Easter!

Crumbs chaps, I can't believe I haven't blogged since New Year!
All I can say is that the new fangled I-Pad thing means that mum and dad still take lots of photos of me and instead of blogging they upload to Face Book and forget to send over to the laptop for my blog.  So here is a bit of a catch up:
January was cold and wet and I spent a lot of time either covered in mud or snoozing by the fire.
In February dad built a new greenhouse. I was interested and kept an eye on things. Then one day I decided to try and get to dad (who was round the back), by jumping through the door, which was closed and glazed. Then in a panic, I jumped back through the side window. This was also covered in glass.  Mum and dad were shocked and rushed to see if I was ok. I was a bit shaken, but luckily I only had a slight nick on my toe. Apparently I was a bit like a film star dog doing a super stunt!
Here I am just after - reassuring mum and dad that I'm ok.  I have learned about the greenhouse now.
In late February we went on holiday to a cottage right by the seaside. It was cold, rainy and wet. We had lots of fantastic walks and snoozy afternoons too.
Sorry, seaside pics were not possible as too rainy, but here I am relaxing in the evenings.
In March we have been getting the garden started, ready for planting things.  I hear that I might not be able to walk over the beds soon as things will be growing. Hmmmm, there is talk of a fence......

They look nice and tidy at the moment don't they? Hee, hee.
Actually, I had lots of fun helping with the cutting back. I like to think I was useful?
So, now we are back up to speed with things, I'm off to Scotland tomorrow to meet Mia and Dux - two Doberman Dogs.  Lets hope we have some fun.  See you soon x


  1. Good to see you looking so fit and handsome Monty! You were lucky to come away with only a scratch after your fight with the greenhouse. That's why I love Lab's, you can be so intelligent yet with a big streak of daft-as-a-brush thrown in for balance.
    Have a great time with the Dobermans. Ask your humans to pass on a big hug from me.

  2. looking forward to meeting you Monty Dog xx