Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone, hope you had a smashing time. We did. Quite tiring at times and the visiting children were so noisy, I just stood and watched in amazement.  But they calmed down eventually. AND I WAS GOOD!

Which is more than can be said one week into the New Year...... Oops. I have slipped off the wagon somewhat. The new stair carpet of 9 days...... yes you've guessed it...... I ripped it.

Oh, I was in soooo much trouble. It's not as bad as before, but still not good. The ragged bit of underlay is bothering me a bit as well. I feel I should finish tidying up, but mum has made it quite clear I should 'leave it!'

Apart from this, 2015 has been fine so far: helping mum and dad building a greenhouse, doing a bit of recycling and garden clearing here and there (not always appreciated). I think cardboard is easier to store in smaller pieces, don't you?
After a busy lunchtime running around the garden with various tools, bags and pots (hee hee); this afternoon I have been relaxing on my kitchen day-bed, sorting through my toy box.  Mum says I have too many toys. I don't agree! What do you think?


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  1. Happy New Year Monty and family! There are some rather nice pictures of the handsome, brown-eyed chap. Bit of a ripping time there Monty, hope your people kept a good supply of offcuts from the new carpet.
    Big hugs from your cyber Aunt Sandy