Saturday, 1 November 2014

Into month 4 of my new life in Brum

Hello, hello!
All is well here, apart from the chewing of windowsills, skirting and the odd doorbell.  Oh and a plug off the hand held hoover - oops!

I have also started being more assertive around the house, but have a feeling that I wont get my way for too long as I am now regularly attending puppy training classes, (oh the shame to still be down in the little ones class), to gradually teach me how to behave a little better.

I am trying to show mum and dad how bright I am so that I can move up a grade. For example: last week they were sitting having tea in the kitchen and I wanted more comfort than the kitchen tiled floor.
So, off I toddled to my basket in the hall, pulled the blanket off and dragged it into the kitchen and lay on it, right next to the kitchen table.  Much more comfy!
I now seem to have a few more toys appearing too, which is nice.  I think the idea is that the more I have to play with, the less time I have to chew the house!
 Don't tell them, but I can fit in any amount of chewing around playing with my toys!  It's a nice idea though!
I say, I am quite a handsome chap don't you think? How could anyone be cross with me for long?


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