Monday, 25 August 2014

Two weeks in...

I have been living in Birmingham for 2 weeks now and starting to settle in well.
The first week was brilliant as mum and dad were on holiday with me. The second week was getting used to being at home for a while on my own, with a lovely lady coming to walk me at lunch time.
Mum and dad leave me treats and a toy in the morning and Jess my dog walker leaves me some more at lunch time.

I do like this toy very much at the moment. It did have a ball attached once..... not for long!  Don't worry, all bits spat out!
On the first 2 days I did get a bit overexcited and nibble a few books.... and the bookcase (oops!).
However, mum and dad think I have calmed down a bit now and got into a routine; though they have emptied the downstairs bookcase and sprayed it with something that smells and tastes horrible - just to remind me not to chew it! Will stick to my toys for a bit I think.

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